Elevator Service and Maintenance, a Business Opportunity.

Elevator is a vertical transportation in building. It needs a routine maintenance to make the elevator runs normally day by day likes the other transportation vehicle, car, motorcycle, etc. Building owners need a support of elevator company to maintenance and service their elevators. It’s a business opportunity.

Suprihatin, Operational Manager of Xiwu Elevator Indonesia (XEI) said Elevator maintenance and Services increase follows the high building growth.  The prospect of this business is good enough, he said.

In a month, XEI can follow up about 20 request of the building management, offices, mall or hospital. “Maintenance fees based on offering and negotiation with customers” he explained.

In this business, XEI focus on maintenance for 10 floors passenger elevator, he also received order for freight elevator. Maintenance routine conducts twice in a month.  The other companies which offer the service for elevator is Tujuh Sinergi Indonesia (TSI). Alun Nugroho, owner of TSI has direct this company since 2005.

Based on his experiences, this business is getting busy in the end of year. The price of maintenance cost based on the service floor of the building. For example for Building with 8 to 10 floors, they charges about Rp 400.000 – Rp 700.000 per lift per month.

Unfortunately, Alun didn’t explain how big the demands of market for his company. “The opportunity of this business is so big” he said. The companies which take this business is limited but the demands growths up.

Source : Kontan Online 

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