RADAR CIREBON opens New Office on 11.11.11

kantor radar cirebon-night view

Yesterday, on November 11, 2011 the RADAR Cirebon officially marks theopening of its newoffice Graha Pena Radar Cirebon in Cirebon, West Java with a grand opening celebration. Radar Cirebon office is located on the Jalan Perjuangan No. 9 Kota Cirebon – West Java, Indonesia, thenewoffice of Radar Cirebon is at theheart of Cirebon City.

Radar Cirebon is thebiggest daily newspaper in Cirebon area. This news paper circulated in Cirebon, Kuningan, and Majalengka – West Java. So it makes Radar Cirebon as “Besar dan Tersebar”, Big and well circulated.

Radar Cirebon Group is a media company groups, consist of Radar Cirebon – a daily newspaper, Radar Televisi Cirebon – a TV Broadcasting, and Radio Sedulur Kabeh – a radio station.

On this Grand Opening, Radar Cirebon also launched a newdaily newspaper “Rakyat Cirebon” and taking this moment to mark as thefirst live broadcasting event out door of theRCTV, Radar Cirebon Televisi.

This event have attended by nearly 300 distinguished guests, including H. Alwi Hamu – Chief of Jawa Pos Groups, Ahmad Heryawan – Governor of West Java, Subardi – Mayor of Cirebon City, Mahfudz siddiq – Chief of Commision I DPR RI and Enggarstianto Lukito – a member of  Commision I DPR RI.

Graha Pena Radar Cirebon heights reached 4 Floors and a half which is equipped with an elevator to serve Ground Floor, 1st Floor / Lobby and 3rd Floor is supplied by PT. Centro Adhikarsa Utama.

Congratulation and Success for Radar Cirebon!

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