Sugito Mulyana: Not Just Selling


It has been almost 15 years for Sugito Mulyana is in elevator and escalator business in Indonesia. Now, a father of three children of anchoring himself in the PT KONE Indo Elevator, before he has worked for many Companies. “The challenge of elevator and escalator market is huge and I love it. Besides the potential market is also very big,” NEB Sales Director at one of the world’s largest elevator company based in Finland said.

It’s huge market potential as more and more vertical building in this country, especially in the cities that continue to grow and require high rise buildings. Especially now, the market is more selective in choosing Indonesia. “Now the market wants products that are environmentally friendly and we can meet the demand,” he promoted.

Given the importance of these two functions mobilization equipment in the building, the owner should involve an elevator and escalator companies when designing a building.

The amount of elevator and escalator units that required and speed can be precisely calculated. Just a little mistake, the human circulation in a building can delayed. And if you have this, it will make the building is not comfort. “A building will be in demand because it has an elevator and escalator a comfortable, safe, and good design,” said Sugito targeting sales growth of its products by 50% this year.


Source : Properti Indonesia

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